The Ecopoly Game

The Ecopoly Game

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Gooseberry Jam Educlubs shall implement an exclusive Virtual class room  with the focus on transforming to an Eco-Centric life.
  1. Self governed Education, on overall happiness.
  2. Self vegetation programs with knowledge on developing Home Grown Fresh Organic Vegetables.
  3. Self health on harvesting Home grown Fresh Nutrition Plants.
  4. Self generated in-house free electricity.
  5. Self imposed Waste Management skills.
  6. Self governed Social Health and happiness programs.

Join Gooseberry Jam Educlubs  as Ecopoly Enthusiast 

Self governed Education

Secure personal learning towards a successful Life path.

Members will have an exclusive online Social network Blogs with their learning curve on their wall for appreciations and constant enhancement.

The Ecopoly members join as Ecopoly-enthusiast shall have promotions based on the credits they earn by contributing more and more actions to reach their Ever Green Home status.

Ecopoly –On the virtual Classroom 

To Start with the members shall attend Ecopoly –Online tutorials  which will impart training on topics which will focus on Eco-Centric education on implementing latest knowledge on Eco-tech and Eco- science.

Ecopoly shall guide the members to demonstrate the knowledge on live and is designed to be a real-time game inspiring with activities on a self phased style, leading to personal and social developmental path.

The growth path in Ecopoly

Promotions and policies


7.        Ecopoly N1

6.        Ecopoly Gen

5.        Ecopoly Master

4.        Ecopoly Mentor

3.        Ecopoly Warrior

2.        Ecopoly Auditor

1.        Ecopoly Activator

0.        Ecopoly Enthusiast

Projects in Ecopoly

Focus is to educate the members on Green Earth Topics enabling the Learner to balance carbon foot prints and clean it up by Growing Indoor and Outdoor greens which helps a family for Self Grown Fresh Organic Vegetables.

Every member shall have a Mini green house with cultivatable knowledge of 5 vegetables.

The members shall explore more than 100 varieties of self vegetation on a self phased manner.

The members will be given complete access to videos series on how to build their own Indoor and Outdoor cultivation as.

Micro Vegetation.
Kitchen Garden
Terrace Garden
Vertical Garden
Window Garden

Growing Vegetables

Nutritional Herbs
Aromatic Herbs
Edible Herbs
Medicinal herbs

They will be able to produce their opted natural nutrient as required

Harvesting Spirulina using Photo voltaic bio-tic reactor.

Home grown Wheat grass. The juice of Wheat Grass is very Healthy.

Recipes on making your diet balance with home grown products with high level of Self satisfaction.

Organic Nutrients, Insecticides and Fungicides

The members shall possess all the knowledge required to produce their own in-house Natural Pesticides

Natural Fungicides
Compost Tea
Tobacco Tea
Energy management

Every member may have the required solar power customized to the need of their house.

Energy management and maintenance will be imparted as a part of family responsibility (change of cfl bulbs to using plastic fans.)

They will be taught to assemble and install their own solar panel, Vertical access wind turbine as a source of alternative energy.

Waste management

Various strategies and innovative application of daily waste at home.

To begin with a Compost Bin to every house and educate them to start using those to recycle kitchen waste to manure with useful nutrients required for their own kitchen garden.

Build your own Green House from scrap.

Making your container.

Home Water management

Rain water harvest.

The blue prints and consultancy shall be available for every member to achieve the best result in terms of Carbon neutral life.

Ecopoly follows the International Standard Equations for Carbon usage and offset balancing credit values are marked confirming demonstrative actions in each of the topics learned and implemented.